A rough overview of the project trajectory

First, we need to decide on what data we are interested in estimating. We have restricted this to

  • raw data
  • data generated for publication in journals
  • data generated by academic researchers and their laboratories

Second, we need to estimate the amount of data generated. Recognizing how many disparate types of data ecologists produce, we first need to divide up the field in some way. Possibilities:

  • ESA sections
  • Departments at universities
  • NSF programs
  • Methodologies used
  • Topics from Ecology journals

Then we need to approximate the production of data from each of the divisions we created. Potential tools:

  • surveys of representative scientists
  • estimate number of publications per year for each division coupled with estimates of data produced per publication (may differ from data actually used in publication)
  • NSF grants/reports
  • databases, especially KNB


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