Executing the Marketing Campaign and Starting to Get Survey Responses!

Week 7

July 27, 2012: Collecting components of the marketing campaign, executing the campaign, starting to see responses from the survey….

Happy Friday Everyone,

Thanks again everyone for your comments, suggestions, and patience while I have been working on the flyers and emails for the marketing campaign.ย  I feel like it is finally starting to come together. I have made the changes that were suggested yesterday and this round of campaign messages are ready for distribution!

As for the plan of distribution:

The DEB deadline is on Thursday or next week, so I need to get these out to as many people as possible on Monday .ย  I’m worried that by the time i get in contact with people to distribute them, time will have run out.ย  Suggestions? These are my ideas thus far:

Monday 7/30:

– send email/flyer out to OBFS network through the contact I had made previously
– Can we post the email message on the DMPTool blog?
– I can email some of the librarians I have been in contact with, though in addition to the time constraint, I am wondering if they will feel comfortable “promoting” the DMPTool. What do you guys think? How else to get the message out fast before Thursday?!

I think on Monday/Tuesday I need to come up with a slightly altered message to continue to distribute after the DEB deadline has passed.ย  Though it won’t need to be altered too much, since my targeted audience is still the biology community.

As for the survey–we have now officially received our first response!ย  yay!ย  One of the interesting suggestions made was about providing an overview of the entire plan before the user is taken through the plan step by step because this respondent found him/herself repeating things as he/she went through the plan and would have liked to have known what was going to be asked prior to going through each step.

I think this is an interesting suggestion and something to think about and potentially test in the future….ย ย  I am looking forward to getting back more responses, its pretty interesting to read what people (or person at this point) think about the tool!

Have a great weekend!


2 Replies to “Executing the Marketing Campaign and Starting to Get Survey Responses!”

  1. I agree with Carly. Try to push as much out today via OBFS and any other contacts (send to your library contacts and as them to pass along to relevant lists). After that, perhaps look at another upcoming deadline, if there are any close by, and tweak to push to that one. A week before a grant is due is probably the really sweet spot.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Great progress. Regarding the Thursday grant deadline:
    Although the deadline is Thursday, I’m guessing most people will have had the DMP written before now since grant offices at institutions need the complete proposal before the deadline. That said, the sooner you start your campaign next week the better. Just don’t expect much traffic after Tuesday-ish.


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