Don Draper Makes it Look Easy…

Week 6

July 20, 2012: Continuing to create drafts of flyers, update on user tests

So it turns out that creating short and effective marketing messages is a lot harder than I originally anticipated.ย  I keep creating flyers that I virtually crumple up and throw away.

Everyone now has draft 2 of that first attempt.


Today I was looking over the NSF DEB page for some inspiration when I ran into the following sentence: DEB has implemented a single annual cycle of preliminary and full proposals for regular research submissions to the core programs.ย  August 2, 2012 is the next deadline for full proposals, by invitation only. (

What does invitation only mean in this context?ย  I am wondering because if we are trying to market to new users, maybe focusing on those applying for the DEB isn’t reaching a wide enough audience since only those who are invited are able to apply for the full proposal?

Catching Taglines:

I have also been trying to think of catchy tag-lines/headlines type to put on flyers….ย  the experience has really resulted in my need to call into question how I describe myself to myself…because I always thought of myself as a clever and somewhat creative person…but this is clearly not the case, as my tag-lines always end up sounding so cheesy. I have also been looking at websites TurboTax for some inspiration. Here are some that I have thought of, maybe they will inspire you to come up with better ones? As the title of this post explains, coming up with these effective messages is not an easy task.ย  (For any of you who don’t know who Don Draper is, he is a character from Mad Men… check it out, its a great show)

– Its the end of July and the proposal is due August 2: Do you know where YOUR DMP is?
– Choose Efficient, Choose Accurate, Choose the DMPTool
– Let’s Get Your Proposal Accepted
– Planning for your data may not be easy, so why not let the experts guide you?
– Don’t be Intimidated by the DMP, let the DMPTool show you how its done 1 step at a time

Quick Update on User Tests:

Also a quick update–none of my participants have completed the survey yet ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ I sent out reminder emails, so lets hope they start streaming in next week.





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