Week One

It has been an exciting week to start my internship project at DataOne. I met my mentor Amber Budden and Yiwei Wang and discussed DataOne Community Engagement Activities with them. We made our plan for the internship and described the expected results. Also, I had a chance to hear mentor Tricia Cruse, and Asa Scott talking about related project.

Network and social media communication analysis has been a hot topics for recent years. The most important parts of this kind of analysis are data, features, and tools (algorithms). This week I focused on exploring different community and social media structures and decided which features can be useful for our analysis. The interesting but difficult part of this project is that we have different sources of data, and therefore we need different kinds of features and tools. However, we can also take this advantage to collect same features across data and do cross-analysis.

So there are many research related to network and social media communication analysis to do in the coming weeks. I will continue my researching on data features and possible tools/algorithms and probably do some coding to test sample data. It will be very exciting.

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