Revise Revise Revise – DataONE Messaging Week 4

Hello Mentors and Interns,

Another week with only a few highlights. Why? Because writing and revising takes time.

I’ve been working with my advisors Amber, Tricia, and Suzie on getting our messaging language ship-shape, and we are now ready to send it off to DataONE at large. The documents are edited, the email is written, Amber just needs to hit “Send!”

Editing Drive documents with four cooks in the kitchen, so to speak, has been an adventure, but I really like having the chance to get feedback in real-time. It’s also been great to hear that the messaging seems to be on track with the group’s larger vision.

While I am use to having my writing heavily critiqued, I am curious as to how this next stage of design will go. As a scientist myself I have rarely been criticized for design. Most of my colleagues are just happy that someone is putting in the time to make visuals good-enough. So yes, I am preparing my thick-skin and getting ready for no-one to like my first drafts.

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to upload some design ideas and fun with metrics. Have a great week everyone.



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