Writing up audience specific messaging โ€“ DataONE Messaging Week 3

Hello DataONE interns and mentors

This week in Messaging involved talking to more stakeholders, developing a DataONE messaging platform, and writing up audience specific text on how DataONE can be the solution for all of your science/repository/education/funding needs.

I had a chance to talk with fellow intern, Ed Flathers, on various metrics that might be useful for advertising data one to specific user groups. Ed has a background in working at a repository as well as a library, so talking with him was a real “two birds, one stone” solution.

We came up with some great graphics ideas for visualizing various metrics. I would have shared one of them with you here but WordPress has decided that is not happening today. I’ll try again next week.

In regards to messaging, I have completed four drafts of outreach language on DataONE. These are being edited this week by my DataONE advisors and me in preparation for sharing with the broader DataONE community for comments.

I hope you all have a great week, I’ll do my best to make next weeks posting a bit more visually stimulating.



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