Summer Project Blog 5

Data Usage and Citation Visualization
Mentor: Skye Roseboom and Heather Piwowar Intern:Pei Chu
Week 5(June 18-June 22)

During this week,we have got a basic data visualization simple,including the css,html,ajax and js library. Besides, we also provide various data visualization strategies for the total-impact display as well as the DataONE data.The main process for this week is learning how to use the total-impact embed html code and it’s API. Additional, since the DataONE log data has been protected for some security reason, now we decide to use the log.xml as a catch for data display. Thanks very much for Heather’s good suggestion and kind help.She has provided many useful advices and key issues. For the next step,my mentors and I will discuss what’ the relation between total-impact doi and DataONE  identifier. It’s a little confusing now.

Now,I’ll share our basic webpage,looking forward your feedback.


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