Summer Project Blog 4

Data Usage and Citation Visualization
Mentor: Skye Roseboom and Heather Piwowar Intern:Pei Chu
Week 4(June 11-June 15)

During this week, I have changed the outlook of our webpage by using a new self-defined CSS,which is more clear and desirable. The former webpage we temporarily used is just a duplicate of the DataONE homepage,which structure is generated by Druple.The style is pretty nice,but there are too many unnecessary div label for our project and considering our project’s independency, Skye suggested me to use an another CSS style,more simple and easy to maintain in the future. Thanks to this nice advice, our webpage looks better now.

In terms of the data visualization javascript library,I find a pretty nice one,which can interact with users.Thus, the user can have a very good interface experience.There are many kinds of display format,such as line,bar,tree and areas. After discussion with my mentor later,we should select a desirable format to display.

Besides,I also communicate with Heather about how to use the total-impact API. Since the DataONE data display part has almost made a step,we begin to deal with the total-impact part.I believe next week we can make a big progress.

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