Stories about Data Management and Sharing

Tensions around sharing scientific data have received international attention in recent years – for example, in 2009’s “climategate” – and the scientific community is actively working toward creating a healthier dialogue around data management and sharing.  This project aims to collect success stories and cautionary tales from researchers related to their experiences with managing and sharing scientific research data. Such stories will be elicited through structured interviews and/or focus groups and recorded in audio format. Audio recordings will be converted to text narratives, which will be then posted online in blog format and integrated into DataONE education products.

Do you know about a great story where data management or sharing made all the difference? We’d love to include your stories and perspectives! We’re looking for both ‘success stories’ and ‘cautionary tales’, and we imagine that anyone working with data will have at least one of those! Contributing is easy — we will meet with you (in person or via Skype or phone) to discuss some questions related to data management and sharing, and then we’ll take care of writing up the stories you tell us. We will be posting the stories we collect on the Data Stories blog, and story contributors will have the option to contribute anonymously or be credited for their contributions. Many of us at DataONE teach data management, and would love to be able to insert real stories into our lessons!

If you have one or more stories you’d like to contribute, please contact Stacy Rebich Hespanha: hespanha ()

We will be posting our first data stories here shortly. In the meantime, check out our project updates to learn more about the project or to find out what we’re working on now.


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