June 9, 2011 – New Mendeley Tool not ready for this study

Mendeley unveiled a new feature today which shows citation snippets.  See here for more on the release.  Heather and I thought this could be a great tool to use instead of finding the full text of each article and searching within that to find the citations to the Data Citation Paper or Dataset to determine if the data was reused.

I just completed a trial run of the new Mendeley feature which is only available with the web-based client.  I went through 15 articles from the Pangaea Test group.  Of them 3 had a reference list that contained the citation.  Of those, 2 had snippets of the cited text.  Of those, I was able to make a decision about 1 article.  The other had incomplete snippets, or not enough text to determine as seen here:

Citation for Westerhold et al. in Mendeley

From this, I think that it would not be beneficial/efficient to use the new Mendeley reference citation feature unless it quickly becomes more complete.

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