June 7, 2011 – Morning update

Yesterday evening, I searched Google Scholar for the DOIs of the Pangaea datasets.ย  The results and search terms for this can be found in the Google Spreadsheet.ย  I found that 6.8 percent of datsets in Pangea had a hit on Google Scholar based on its DOI.

We decided that Mendeley looks like our best tool for keeping track of all the information we aim to gather and Heather has been working on scripts to import the Web of Science citations from Dropbox into Mendeley with appropriate tags, notes, and a randomized number.

While importing the citations I found last night for Pangaea DOIs in Google Scholar, I am finding articles that cite the dataset, but not for the use of the data values, rather as an example of a dataset, or a listing of what datasets are available for a particular subject or related to a specific funding agency.ย  We are tagging these “data cited not for reuse” as they specifically cite a dataset, but do not reuse the data itself.

I will provide a link to our Mendeley data once we finalize the intricacies of our collection/sharing system.

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