June 16, 2011 – GEOROC data repository

This morning I finished finding the DOIs for the Data Collection Article for the GEOROC datasets.ย  I did a trial search on Google Scholar with the search terms GEOROC8501 OR GEOROC 8501.ย  However, after collecting 16 articles found by searching for the first 20 datasets, none actually cited the data.ย  I will therefore be changing the search terms to GEOROC8501 OR “GEOROC 8501.”ย  This should hopefully remove all of the articles that aren’t actually citing the datasets.ย  From the 14 article’s I’ve scanned so far, it appears that those authors only cited the GEOROC data repository and not the specific dataset reused in their research.ย  We shall see what the new search terms find.

As I didn’t find any useful results in the 14 articles I looked at for the first 20 datasets,ย  I therefore used the more limited search terms and found 0 results for all the datasets.ย  This could either mean people aren’t using the accession numbers to cite the GEOROC datasets, or not very many are and we just didn’t pick it up with the more limited search.

After finishing with GEOROC, I found the missing PubMed IDs or DOI’s for the BMRB data and pulled the PubMed IDs out of the citations for the Array Express data.ย  I still need to search for the missing PubMed IDs/DOI’s for those not listed in the Array Express data.

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