June 14, 2011 – DOIs and GEO tracking

Today was split between two tasks: rounding up the DOIs for the Data Collection Articles, and continuing to work on the classification of the data cited GEO articles.

I found most of the DOIs for the Data Collection Articles in the Pangaea Dataset.ย  This was pretty easy as most of them were listed along with the dataset DOI in Pangaea.ย  I also imported about half of the DOIs for the TreeBASE dataset Data Collection Articles.ย  My method for finding these started at Mendeley, where a quick title search often provided the DOI.ย  However, a good handful required more in-depth searching and a few I just couldn’t find.ย  If anyone knows an easy way to find the DOI for an article based on it’s citation that would be great!

I also worked some more on classifying the Gene Expression Omnibus dataset cited articles which I imported from Google Scholar yesterday.ย  The progession of that can be seen at the GEO-GS Mendeley Group.

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