July 20, 2011 – Choosing a 10th Repository

Yesterday, Heather and I met on Skype to discuss choosing a 10th repository for the study.  We discussed not including the Journal Archive set of repositories in the total collection and adding two more repositories instead of 1 to make up the total of 10 repositories in the study.

As Todd suggested, we created a chart describing the attributes of all the repositories included so far which can be viewed here.

So far we have collected data on 960 datasets including the 168 included in the Journal Archive set.  IQSS and ICPSR repositories, which are currently combined to count as 1 repository in the study only have a combined total of 22 datasets.  I am wondering if we should combine these with the Journal Archive repositories for a total of 190 datasets and count this as 2 repositories, or add two additional repositories to our study, most likely HepData and SimBad.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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