May 31: Maven

I took a look at the SPARQL interface for the open myExperiment stats today. It’s going to take a bit more time to fully understand, but I’m hoping that i’ll end up being able to mine myExperiment more fluidly, without going to each of the several thousand workflows.

I then tried to install Triana. I say tried, because again I seem to run into issues that shouldn’t exist. I installed it fine, I thought, and then realised I didn’t have Maven installed. So, I tried to install that. I followed the instructions to a T, only to find that there was some issue with something somewhere, which I attempted to fix, to find that mvn is no longer a command in Bash. So, that’s interesting. I’m hoping it’s just a symlink problem that’ll be resolved in a few hours. (Not likely.)

I then had a look again at SciencePipes, before getting an email from the guy in charge. It looks like they used to have the possibility to import Kepler workflows, but stopped it due to security reasons. They’re hoping to get this up again, at some point in the future, but for now that isn’t going to happen. They keep all of their workflows on the Amazon S3 servers – I haven’t asked yet if I can have access to that.

Yahoo Pipes is another site I ran across that allows users to edit their own workflows intuitively. Sadly, it seems to be used entirely to get RSS feeds, not unlike the first workflow I ran, which was getting an XKCD comic from the website.

I then spent a good thirty minutes installing Maven. I got it fixed, thanks to my wonderful friend Steve. It is now installed. Now I am installing Triana. Hopefully, this’ll go smoothly. (It did, glad to have it. And now, for the weekly Skype call.)