June 9: Update, Meetings, Mailing Lists

So, it’s been a week. I have been doing work, but haven’t updated here, for personal reasons beyond my control.

What I have done:

  • Downloaded the most popular Taverna 1, Taverna 2, and RapidMiner workflows off of myExperiment. Around 12 of each. I didn’t download Kepler ones, as they are uploaded by two people, one of whom is a project developer, and there are only 17 of them. I don’t think that these would be representory of the Kepler workflows used by scientists.
  • Read quite a bit. I don’t have any notes on these, I’m still just doing a lot of cursory reading on workflows.
  • Gone over two workflows to decide on their complexity and how to classify them.
  • Had two long skype chats – one with Karthik, one with the others yesterday. We’re going places, albeit a bit more slowly than I would have hoped.
  • Signed up to a few more mailing lists, and sent out the first email to one of them (ECOLOG). Hopefully, I’ll get some informative responses, soon.
  • Got into the conference in Berlin. This definitely puts pressure on the project, which is a good thing, as I want to make sure that I have something to say when I am there. I am really looking forward to it!
  • Finished collating the names of all of the Workflow Systems I could find, in an excel sheet.
  • Looked at some of the main users of myExperiment – it seems, by and large, that they are developers attached to their various WSs. I’ll have to do a more systematic study of this.

Tomorrow, I hope to:

  • Email Kepler Development List, Taverna Dev List, ecoinfo@ecoinformatics.org (Any other lists to email?)
  • Go over the current list of workflows, looking at categorisation.
  • Provide list of workflows by Sunday for others to run.
  • Look at workflows on Thursday, Friday.
  • Collate Kepler results.
  • Update the workflows spreadsheet for each workflow, get image for each if not already gotten