Week 1: A New DataONE

Hi everyone!

I’m super excited to share my progress with you all this summer. I’m wrapping up on my first official week on the internship, and I’m very much looking forward for what’s to come!

Let me introduce myself first: My name is Rhea Peddinti, and I am the intern working on Supporting Community Outreach and Advocacy for Open Data. My primary mentors are Robert Sandusky and Karl Benedict, along with my secondary mentors Amber Budden and Megan Mach. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting all of them in person or over video chat in the last couple weeks.

During this first week, I started to look through interviews and surveys conducted over the previous year, the majority of which targeted members of the DataONE Users’ Group (DUG) and stakeholders. The main purpose of these interviews was to gauge insight on creating a new DataONE, a more community-oriented DataONE. From this data, I will be creating a summary report and a presentation to present at the DataONE Community Meeting. I practiced performing qualitative data analysis and created an analytical framework, grouping themes and common ideas together, creating relationships between the data. I worked with Adobe InDesign to create rough templates for the Community Governance and Mission Statement documents that will better visualize the new DataONE. Next week, I will finalize a drafts of the summary report and presentation.

Here’s a quick summary of what to expect from this internship:

  1. Summary report and presentation for DataONE Community Meeting.
  2. Develop an outreach kit + communication materials to be used to advocate for DataONE
  3. Designs for Community Governance and Mission Statement documents

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more!


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