Suggestions for revisions on 1st lab

I posted my suggestions for the HostTraits-ParasiteDiversity document via Track Changes on the plone site. Most of my suggestions are to make the lab easier to follow/teach, and to clarify certain phrases that you use. Let me know if you have questions- and sorry it looks like I butchered it! I think you are doing great!

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  1. Thanks, Carly. In general, how much can we assume the students have learned before this exercise? I think this is a lab exercise on ecology of infectious diseases, so I tend to assume a lot of the concept should have been covered before this exercise is used. On the other hand, for some of the statistical concepts (e.g. AIC), I think you are right that I should give a little more explanation, but I’m not sure if the students really need to know (or would understand) more than just using it as a tool for comparing models. Maybe we can chat or skype about this today.

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