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Based on your last post, it sounds like you are an Endnote user? I suggest changing your software… there’s quite a few really great options for reference management these days. I just talked about this yesterday with Michelle and I think you could benefit too.ย  If you aren’t familiar with them, Zotero ( and Mendeley ( are both potentially good for you. I don’t think you are a mac person, but if you are then BibDesk is spectacular.

Zotero is a favorite among many ecologists (including Steph)- it’s easy to add refs to your library from websites, and you can share groups. It interfaces quite well with Firefox. Mendeley is great for organizing PDFs, and has a desktop application that many people like for its ability to organize. It’s good if you primarily use a single computer for your work. You can also create groups with Mendeley. Groups would be good for us since we are staying in contact remotely.

I’m happy to discuss this more with you via chat. In any case, I encourage you to ditch Endnote!

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  1. Thanks Carly! Yes, I have been wanting to give up on EndNote for a long time. I have a few computers, an office desktop, a home desktop, and a laptop, to switch between. I will try BibDesk as I work on mac in my office.

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