Creative & Common : Blog Week #01

I find that every great story is derived from detailed interviews and research.  I’ve started out my piece of the project with a handful of great stories about DATA collection and a great amount of freedom to research content to support these stories. For those who don’t know, it’s my Continue reading Creative & Common : Blog Week #01

Tallying Every Bug and Byte

Nora was a PhD student when she attended a meeting that would change the course of her career. Until that point, Nora had thought of herself chiefly as an entomologist, with her primary work objective being (as she joked with her colleagues) counting bugs. Born and raised in the Midwest, Continue reading Tallying Every Bug and Byte

The Long and Winding Road to Public Data

Dr. Watson was accustomed to seeing dead things. As a wildlife ecologist, he had made a career out of investigating animals and their untimely demise under the rumbling engines of motor vehicles. Animal road mortalities had a reputation for being difficult to track because the majority of incidents went unreported, Continue reading The Long and Winding Road to Public Data

If Trees Could Talk

In the United States, the 1930s was far from a time of plenty. Through the Great Depression, Americans witnessed a razing of the financial system that, on the heels of the prosperous 1920s, seemed nearly incomprehensible. A time of hunger, homelessness, and desperation, the Great Depression sticks in our national Continue reading If Trees Could Talk

Houston, We Have… Interviews?

While we are currently focused on integrating data stories into the education modules, gathering interview material is still an important part of expanding our project. Over the past week I have been fortunate to connect with some potential interviewees and even conduct an interview. Last week the International Space Station Continue reading Houston, We Have… Interviews?